Gewista and Gutenberg-Werbering launch Digital City Lights in Linz

A milestone in the history of Austrian outdoor advertising. For the first time, Digital Out of Home Upper Austria is offering high-resolution digital City Lights at exclusive locations in the centre of the provincial capital Linz.

In an event organised by Werbering and Gewista in the Sky Loft of the AEC, the exclusive digital medium in outdoor advertising is presented for the first time to an invited circle of customers. In addition to a presentation by Gewista full of experience from other provinces, information about DOOHO in Linz as well as inspiration and impulses for future campaign possibilities, the event offered the opportunity for an intensive exchange of experiences among the invited marketing experts and representatives of advertising agencies present. The visitors were extremely interested and you could already read in their faces that the head cinema had its first day of shooting...

The opportunity to participate in the competition of our cooperation partner for spot productions - LIVINGROOM digital solutions - to win a spot production for the Digital City Lights was also eagerly used. The event went off successfully. The atmosphere was not only buoyed by the new medium in the centre of Linz, but also by the fact that a digital screen in front of the AEC could be viewed on the way home, and the first spots were already running on it.

If you too would like to implement an innovative digital media campaign, we would be happy to advise you!

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