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Digital Out of Home advertising is a modern and effective way to get a message across to a wide audience. By using digital screens and digital city lights, companies can attractively play out their content to the target audience using animated spots.

The advantages of digital media are that they offer a combination of high-resolution screens and the distinctive reach of city lights or premium boards. Digital City Lights and Premium Screens stage inner-city hotspots and premium locations with innovative advertising campaigns and create unique and dynamic product landscapes in urban spaces.

Another advantage of digital media is that it is considered a likeable advertising medium and increases both awareness and advertising recall through the use of animated content. Visually dynamic advertising is often fixed longer and increases activation twice as much. Our Digital City Lights and Premium Screens are just as dynamic and flexible as the young target group and reach them disproportionately often.

Infoscreen, on the other hand, is considered the only digital news and information medium in public spaces in Austria with an audience of millions. The digital offer enlivens and shortens waiting and travel times in tram and underground stations, trams and buses.

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